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Don't know where to start or what kind of design you would like? This page will help. You can consider this your "design homework".  You can send me your ideas in an email, or if it helps, use this homework form and attach it in an email back to me.  Blog design homework form

1.  Choose a color palette or four or five colors that you love and that you like the look of together.  If your not sure where to begin, here are a few websites where you can choose from pre-existing color palettes or experiment with different color combinations.
Adobe Color CC
Color Hex
 If you find a color that you like out in cyberspace either send me the link or, download "Color Detector 2.0" (link below) and grab the RGB code so that I can match it exactly.

2. Choose four or five fonts that you love.  It is best to choose the font you would like for your post section from google fonts as the loading time is much faster when these fonts are used.

For header titles, sidebar titles, post titles, date headers etc - the sky's the limit!  Choose your favorites.  KG/Janda fonts, Hello fonts, and Pea fonts are some of my favorites.

3. Look at papers/design styles/textures and write down your definite likes and dislikes.  I have a license to all of Sonya DeHart's Papers.  We do not have to use these if you find other papers you like better, but these may give you a better idea of the type of paper design or texture that you like.

4. Gather ideas about your theme and/or clipart.  If your blog has a clever name, think about how you would like to see that name displayed in your header.  If you find some clipart that you would like to use, let me know and I will check with the artist to see if permissions allow them to be used in a blog. TpT and Etsy are great places to find awesome clipart!

5. Find at least 4 blog designs that catch your eye.  There are some awesome blog designers out there!  Take a look at the designs created by some of the best in the field and make notes about things you might like in your design.  Pay attention to the sidebar titles, header design elements, social media links, signatures, blog button etc.  (Yes - I know I'm advertising for my competition : -)

A Bird in Hand Designs
Blogs Fit for A Queen
Laugh Eat Learn Designs
Designs by Christy
A Little Piece of Africa
Paisley n' Polkadot Designs (yours truly)

6. Let me know your "must haves".  If there are design elements that you know you "must have" in your design, just let me know.

7. Decide on your social media links, tabs, sidebar titles and contact email.  I will need the URLs to the social media platforms you would like linked on your blog.  I also need to know what tabs and sidebar titles you would like. Don't worry - if you are not sure yet, I will put the standard ones in your blog and we can change them as we go.  Finally, I need to know what contact email address you would like your viewers to have (if you want a contact address in your blog).

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  1. I am interested in getting your next date for blog design. I have a blogger reserved with my name, but it is blank. This is not for TPT, but my daughter is a big TPT person who had her social media designed by a TPT teacher who is not currently accepting orders. I am retiring from teaching after 35 years and going into custom quilting, crafting, etc. Please let me know your next date. Also, when you get ready to do the responsive style, what would be the price range--I won't hold you to it--for an upgrade?

    Please send any info to tayloredforfun@gmail. Thanks,


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